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Local SEO: How does it help your practice grow?

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is an SEO strategy that focuses on improving your website rankings in local search results, or in other words, searches that are intended for your specific area. Essentially, this is the strategy that works to make sure your dental practice shows up in Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, Waze, or other commonly used apps and databases, while also ranking for searches that include your location (i.e. your zip code, city or neighborhood).

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What is the most important element in local SEO for dentists?

Perhaps the most important is your Google Business profile. 

Why? As of May 2023, 92.12% of all internet searches are conducted through Google (source), and Google is more likely to display results for businesses with optimized Google Business profiles. In addition, 76% of smartphone users who search for a local business visit one of the results within 24 hours. Translation? Local searches are performed by high-intent users and almost always via Google.

This is why your Google Business profile matters.

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For example, a user moves into your area and is looking for a new dentist. How do you think they will go about finding a dentist? A Google search! And where will they look first? Most likely, a searcher will look at Google Maps first - even before looking at the organic search results - in order to find dentists who are close to their home. 

The best news is that creating and optimizing a Google Business profile is free on Google. Google does not charge for this service, so it is always a good idea to create and optimize a Google Business Profile for your practice.

Not sure if your Google Business profile is optimized? Get a free marketing assessment from our specialists to learn more about how to boost your dental practice’s SEO.

What other strategies can boost local SEO for your dental practice?

Your website content plays a large role in optimizing your online presence for local search results. 

Be sure to include all relevant business information in your website, such as location, phone number, hours of operation, as well as a description of services and locations, neighborhoods or cities you serve.

What if my dental clinic has multiple locations?

Local SEO for a multi-practice or multi-location dental clinic takes a little more work.

Every location should have its own Google Business profile. In addition to that, your website should include a unique page for each location so that you can strategically optimize the onsite content for local SEO.

How do I increase local citations for my dental practice?

Local citations are online listings or references of your dental practice that includes your NAP (name, address, phone number) as well as other relevant business information.

While a Google Business profile is essential to local SEO, other listing platforms and databases are also a significant factor in optimizing your online presence for local searches. These come from a variety of sources such as directories, social media, news articles, social media, and review platforms.

To increase local citations for your dental practice, you can choose to invest in a local SEO software to automate and manage your citations across multiple data aggregators, and you can also search for relevant listing opportunities and platforms to manually submit your data and business information.

In addition to directory listings, you can personally reach out to local businesses, bloggers, influencers, and publications to request local citations and references.

What else matters when it comes to local SEO for my dental practice?

When you think of local SEO, think of it as the digital road someone travels to your dental practice. Your citations, Google Business profile and onsite content all act like road signs or billboards.

But another thing you have to keep in mind is minimizing the “potholes” in your local SEO - things that can hurt your organic ranking. Inconsistencies in NAP. Duplicate listings. Unclaimed Google Business profile. Negative reviews or the lack of consistent, positive reviews. Broad keywords or non-location specific keywords.

All these issues can damage your local SEO and keep your dental practice from displaying or ranking for relevant searches.

Ready to optimize your dental practice for local SEO?

Contact our team for a free marketing assessment and consultation to get started today.

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