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Graphic Design
For Dentists

The best marketing needs the best in graphic design, and we give you both.


Drive brand awareness with clear branding, consistency and custom designs.

Graphic design is an included element in the vast majority of services that Edify Dental Marketing provides to our clients. Our in-house graphic designers work directly with your dedicated account manager and marketing team in order to deliver beautiful designs that reflect your brand aesthetic.

Our team knows graphic design.

Everything designed to exact specifications.

Our team designs exactly what each platform requires.

You may or may not know that social media platforms, for example, have specific sizes they require for their ads, cover photos, or posts.  Designing to these standards give your images a more crisp look and fit the size best, gaining attention and trust from viewers.  Alternatively, a 6x9 postcard has completely different sizing requirements and must be prepared to print standards, while a logo must be designed in a scalable format to fit everything from the large signage of your building to the small emblem on your scrubs or business cards.


Including professional designers on your marketing team give you the added benefit of having marketing assets carefully arranged and optimized no matter how you choose to market your practice. 

Always designed to fit your brand.

Cohesion is core to your brand and helps people recognize you apart from other dental practices. 

Our graphic designers carefully create pieces that are consistent with your brand aesthetic. Brand-consistent design means every piece that launches contributes to an increasing awareness and recognition of your practice.

Always designed with you in mind.

While we work hard to make it great the first time, you get the final say.

When it comes to developing your brand aesthetic and marketing assets, our team gives you the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the design work we put together for you. 

Success is in the details.

From a distinctive dental logo to social media posts, our graphic designers thoughtfully and carefully create works of art that you get to call your own.


Increase the impact of graphic design with additional services.

Edify Dental Marketing includes graphic design with most services included in our web design and marketing packages. If you have questions about whether or not graphic design is included in the package you are interested in, please feel free to ask. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service and deliver exceptional products and results to help your practice thrive.

If you have a specific project in mind for your dental practice and need additional graphic design services, reach out to us for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

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Ready to build a better dental practice?

Choose a company who can provide comprehensive web design, marketing and business solutions for your dental practice. Our team's experience combined with our commitment to personal service drives our ability to produce real results.

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