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New Resident Marketing For Dentists

Target new residents and acquire new patients with customizable campaigns and geo-fencing technology.

Everything you need to introduce your practice to all the new residents.

Don't waste your time on mass mailers with a high price tag and little return on your investment. New resident campaigns strategically target only the new movers in your area based on your selected filters.

Attract new patients with new resident campaigns.


Our team carefully creates an attractive, engaging campaign complete with digital and print ads for maximum visibility.


We set filters based on your target patient demographic, including residence type, income, and location.


Delivery to new residents includes custom postcards and digital banner ads to all selected residences.

Understand how geo-fencing drives growth.

Our software allows us to target and geofence residential addresses to combine strategic print AND digital marketing campaigns. We set filters based on your target patient demographic, including income, housing, and zip code.


Not interested in targeting specific zip codes? We can hand-draw the map in order to narrow the focus to exact neighborhoods. Then our software isolates all devices within those residences to deliver digital banner ads directing visitors back to your custom landing page. Within days, a custom designed mailer, including promotional information and a QR code for your landing page, is delivered to their home address to continue raising brand awareness and engaging potential patients who are most likely to need a new dentist.

Curious how many new movers your zip code had in the past month? Reach out to our team for a quick demo to get an exact count and learn how we can put this tech to work for your practice.


Raise brand awareness from day one.

With new resident marketing, you have the opportunity to make the first introduction and put your best foot forward. For new movers, choosing a new dentist may not be priority #1 as soon as they land in the neighborhood, but brand awareness and a 'welcome to the neighborhood' gesture means your practice will be at the top of their list when they are ready to make their first appointment.

We leverage our technology and creativity for your growth.

Edify Dental Marketing targets new residents in your area with professional, brand-consistent marketing campaigns so that your practice is highly visible, attractive, and actively engaging with those most likely to be looking for a new dentist.


Marketing and Design Consultation

Custom Designed Graphics and Postcards

Custom QR Code For Postcard Mailers

Brand-Consistent Design

Custom-Sized Graphics for Digital Banner Ad Placement

Select Territory By Map, Radius or Postal Codes

Single Family or Multi-Family Dwelling

Filter By Estimated Income

Recurring or One-Time Campaigns

Reports and Analytics

Increase the impact of new resident marketing with additional services.

New resident marketing provides a unique and effective approach to growing your dental practice. Edify Dental Marketing offers new resident campaigns as a part of our Elevate packages, which focuses on multimedia advertising across multiple platforms and venues. For a comprehensive and aggressive approach to practice growth, our Elevate Max package includes additional advertising services including Google Business & Ads, social media ads and more.

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Choose a company who can provide comprehensive web design, marketing and business solutions for your dental practice. Our team's experience combined with our commitment to personal service drives our ability to produce real results.

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