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Illustration of Social Media Management by Edify Dental Marketing

Social Media
For Dentists

Leverage the power of social media for your practice growth.

Your practice can have a personal and professional social presence.

A primary purpose of social media for dentists is to have a personal connection with your target patient community. Patient-practice loyalty matters, which is why Edify Dental Marketing prioritizes personal, custom social media posts and accounts. We do not use A.I. programs. Real people who really know your practice will manage, design, post and engage.

Get serious benefits from your social media accounts.

Boost Brand Visibility

Whether you already have social media accounts or need to create them for the fist time, our team works with you to develop and optimize your social media accounts. Your patients and your potential patients are using social media on a daily basis, so maintaining active and attractive accounts keeps your practice visible and accessible to all the people you want to reach.

Increase Patient Engagement

Social media is the easiest and most cost-effective way for patients to stay connected with your practice during and after an appointment. Easily share your wifi via social media, post helpful information, update patients on holiday hours, current specials, referral incentives and more. Our team does all the heavy lifting by planning, designing and posting so that your dental practice always has a consistent social presence where your patients and community can engage with you.

Posting Schedule & Custom Design

See what we're posting in advance so you can speak into the designs and share personal ideas, photos and content to be included. Send our team case studies, before and after pictures, staff highlights, promotions, new technology and more, that we transform into engaging and professional social posts.


+  Personal Consultation

+  Quarterly Posting Schedule

+  Topic Generation

+  Lead-Time For Post Review & Revisions

+  Hashtag Research

+  Brand-Consistent Messaging & Design

You can easily showcase your practice and stand out in your community.

Practice consultants and marketing specialists will always recommend social media as an important element of your dental practice's success. We know how important it is, but also how important it is that social media is managed consistently and with a truly personal approach.



We start out with a personal consultation to get to know you, your staff and your practice personality. You designate an office contact to work directly with your account manager for all things social.


Post-consultation, our team gets to work brainstorming how to make your practice shine and achieve your goals. We develop the first calendar of content with topics and promotional ideas.


Onboarding phase gets our team full admin access to your social media accounts so we can begin optimizing your social presence.


Let the posting begin! Our team takes the reins and begins posting and actively managing your social accounts. You get to sit back, relax and enjoy having an engaging and attractive social presence.

Increase the impact of your social media accounts with additional services.

Social media for dentists is a powerful tool for building a more successful practice in a digital world by attracting new patients and maintaining real connections with your current patient base. A well-rounded approach to patient retention and engagement includes more than just social media though. Our Engage and Elevate packages offer both engagement and advertising solutions looking to get the most out of social media platforms.

Reach out to our team for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss which services and platforms can help your dental practice grow and thrive.

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Choose a company who can provide comprehensive web design, marketing and business solutions for your dental practice. Our team's experience combined with our commitment to personal service drives our ability to produce real results.

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