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  • Jared Allen

4 Dental Marketing Tasks You Should Delegate

Running a successful dental practice is no small feat. With so many tasks and skills needed to establish and run a successful practice, each member of the dental team is vitally important. Making sure you have the right people in the right roles is equally important to ensure the best patient experience and set yourself apart as a top dental provider. 

With so much to manage on a day-to-day basis, some important things can get pushed off the priority list, resulting in underperformance or even becoming non-existent. One such area is having and maintaining an effective dental marketing strategy. 

While it’s tempting to attempt to be the hero and take on the role of both dentist and marketing expert, there are a number of items in the dental marketing arena best left to professionals. Here are a few dental marketing responsibilities to assign someone else, so you can spend more time treating patients and focusing on that great customer service that allows you to have a thriving practice to market in the first place.

1. Building a Dental Website

professional website from edify dental marketing

In today’s smartphone-driven world, most consumers use the internet on mobile devices to find local businesses. A dynamic, and mobile-first, dental website is essential to marketing your practice and drawing in new patients. There are free tools and inexpensive self-serve platforms on the internet to help you build a DIY website, but doing so may cause you to miss out on the benefits of having a professionally designed and maintained website such as mobile optimization, professional imaging and messaging, customizations, integrations and more. Given the importance of your website as your primary digital presence, entrusting website creation and maintenance to experts is a strategic move. 

Your website is your digital face to someone looking for a dentist. Considering this, putting your best face forward with a professional built and maintained website is your best way to make a first impression.

2. Social Media Management

social media management from edify dental marketing

Social media has become an active part of mainstream busy lifestyles. One key component to staying engaged with patients outside of their routine appointments is making use of Social Media platforms. However, maintaining regular updates, community engagement, and staying up to date with current trends can be time-consuming. Delegating these tasks allows you to maintain a strong social media presence without compromising patient care. 

Social media requires staying engaged regularly and not just setting up an account.

3. Ad Campaigns Oversight

ad campaign oversight from edify dental marketing

Using and managing paid ads on Google or social media platforms is key to standing out in a competitive market. Effective advertising campaigns can do a lot to help generate more patients for your practice however, this too is another task that demands time and expertise. By outsourcing your advertising management to a dental marketing company you take the guesswork out of navigating the complexities of the digital advertising industry and gain back your time and energy to focus on your patients and your staff. 

Paid ads are key to standing out in a competitive market, but require continual management to be most effective.

4. Reputation Management Software

reputation management software from edify dental marketing

Are you aware of how often potential patients read online reviews before deciding on what dental provider to choose? Online reviews significantly influence patient’s decisions. Managing your practice’s online reputation and actively requesting patients to leave online reviews is another important yet time-consuming task. Using automated tools and professional support will help to ensure a positive online image.

Online reviews significantly influence patient’s decisions

Who Can You Delegate These Dental Marketing Tasks To?

For comprehensive marketing solutions, consider using a dental marketing company. Full-service marketing agencies provide everything from website development to SEO and social media management, offering a wide range of professional services tailored to your dental practice’s needs.

Delegating your practice’s marketing makes you more accessible to patients - and isn’t that what matters most?  Creating the kind of personal and caring practice that is worth marketing in the first place. Being there for your patients is the best thing you can do for your dental practice. Being a great dentist is a full-time job and no one can do that job for you except you. Marketing your dental practice also requires skill, time and effort so choose a dental marketing company that puts the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism into your marketing as you put into caring for your patients.

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Edify Dental Marketing is an experienced and highly motivated dental marketing firm committed to excellence in all things dental marketing. 


Jared Allen, Co-Founder of Edify Dental Marketing, is a Dental Marketing Expert. With decades of experience, he has been dedicated to assisting dental practices in improving their efficiency, achieving greater success, and drawing in new patients.


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